A truly beautiful home is one that feels naturally inspiring, yet functions to your needs

Debra O Design believes that working collaboratively is the most synergistic way to start fresh, remodel, or redesign your perfect home. Each design project starts with a thorough consultation, as Debra O Design focuses on your desires, needs, and aesthetics in order to intimately perfect your ideal style. Whether you want a complete remodel, from doorknobs to duvets, or a one-day makeover, Debra O Design will transform your space into the exquisite home you desire.

Designing in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. For more information please contact (310) 562-5406 or debraodesign@gmail.com .


Debra Olson is a California native with an innate passion for beauty through transformation. 

Her interior designs surpass simple aesthetics, and truly tap into the function and feel within your home. She designs with respect to how you live and interact in each room, always finding ways to have small improvements can make a big impact.